Business Banking

Checking Accounts Account Comparison

Business Checking Accounts Comparison
Account Feature Basic Business Checking Analysis Business Checking Analysis Business Plus Checking Organization Business Checking
Monthly Maintenance Fee $750 & Over: No Fee
$500 - $749.99: $5.00
$300 - $499.99: $7.50
$0 - $299.99: $10.00
$15.00 $15.00 $750 & Over: No Fee
$749.99 & Less: $2.00
Per Deposit / Credit Fee 1-5 Credits Posted: $0
6 or More $0.35
$0.20 $0.20 No Fee
Per Check / Debit Fee 1-30 Debits Posted: $0
31 or More: $0.25
$0.10 $0.10 Balance Below $750
$0.20 Per Debit
Per Deposited Item Fee 1-50 Items: $0
51 or More: $0.15
$0.10 $0.10 No Fee
Interest N/A Account receives an earnings credit to be used to offset the account charges. Tiered Rates
$100,000 and over
Rates are subject to change
Note Basic Business Checking
is designed for businesses with basic checking and deposit needs. It operates like a personal account in your business’ name. Basic Business Checking’s simple account structure can meet all of your business checking requirements. This account is ideal for a customer who writes fewer than 30 checks per month, makes 5 or less deposits per month, and deposits 50 or less items per month.
Analysis Business Checking
service gives you the specific information you require to keep up with the complex nature of your business. This valuable service provides you with a detailed monthly overview of your account’s balance position as well as immediate access to timely and accurate information.
This account earns credit based on the balance held in the account. This earnings credit can only be used to offset service fees.
Analysis Business Plus Checking
service gives you the same benefits and features as Analysis Business checking, but does not allow an earnings credit. Instead, you can earn interest on your money depending upon your average daily balance that is kept in the account.
Organizational Accounts
are available to clubs, charities, churches, and community organizations. This account is designed with an eye towards non-profit organizations, allowing them the convenience of our full services coupled with a discounted minimum balance fee. With very low or non-existent fees, more of your organization’s money goes into the community, where it belongs.