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FBTC App (for smart phone & tablet users)

Fingertip banking - download the FBTC app for mobile banking allowing you to access your online banking with the touch of a finger. You will have the ability to essentially do the same thing from your smart phone or tablet that you can do from your home computer, any time - any place.

The name of our branded app for iPhone and Android phones is FBTC Mobile, and is available in the iTunes and Google Play store.

Our FBTC tablet app is available in the iTunes store, Google Play store and Amazon Marketplace. The tablet will be listed in the app stores differently depending on which type of tablet you use:

  • iPad: FBTC Mobile for iPad
  • Android Tablet: FBTC Mobile for Tablet
  • Kindle: FBTC Mobile for Tablet

First Mobile Banking is convenient, safe and secure! View a demo of First Mobile Banking.