Personal Banking

Account Comparison

Personal Checking Accounts Comparison
Account Feature First Rate Checking First Class Checking Senior First Checking
Minimum Opening Balance $100 $100 $100
Minimum Average Balance No No No
Interest Bearing

Two Rates
*Rates Subject to Meeting Requirements, Rates Subject to Change
Additional Information

Tiered Rates
$0-$999.99: No Interest
$25,000 and Above*
Rates Subject to Change
Monthly Service Charge $0 Average Available Balance
Above $500-No Fee
$500-$200: $3 fee
Below $200: $5 fee
Waived Monthly Service Charge No Direct Deposit or $500 Loan Relationship or $5,000 Deposit Relationship Ages 55 and Above
Per Check Charge No $500 and Above - Unlimited
Below $500 - 10 Checks Free
Excessive Checks $.20


Number of Debits Unlimited Unlimited
Electronic Debits
Monthly Statements Monthly Online Only Monthly Mail, No Charge Monthly Mail, No Charge
Online Banking & Bill Payment Yes Yes Yes
ATM/Debit Card Yes Yes Yes
Safe Deposit Box Rental Discounted Discounted Discounted
Overdraft Protection Yes Yes Yes

*Contact a customer service representative for more details. Disclosure available upon request.