Personal Banking

Overdraft Protection

It is important for you to use your checking account responsibly and to never intentionally overdraw your account. However, we realize that financial shortfalls happen from time to time and we have several options available for you.

Transfer from another account

If you have other accounts with us you can authorize us to transfer the funds needed to cover your overdraft. This can be from a savings, checking, or money market account. Then when an item is presented that will overdraw your account, the money will automatically be transferred to cover the shortage. Simply complete the form to authorize a transfer of funds.


Looking for your own personal line of credit? Want to protect yourself if you run short on money?

ReadyLine is a loan for your checking account.

Establish your own personal line of credit.

Once you have applied and received approval for this valuable and versatile extension of your checking account, you can write yourself a loan or make a purchase, anytime, simply by writing a check.

Anytime you write a check for more than the remaining balance of your account, First Bankers Trust AUTOMATICALLY loans you the necessary money - in multiples of $100 - up to the limit of your ReadyLine credit limit.

ReadyLine is a way of protecting yourself if you run short of money. It can also help avoid an overdraft situation. ReadyLine is ready when you are.

Call or stop by a branch location nearest you to fill out an application and talk with one of our experienced loan representatives.

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