Personal Banking

Account Comparison

Personal Checking Accounts Comparison
Account Feature First Rate Checking First Class Checking Senior First Checking
Minimum Opening Balance $100 $100 $100
Minimum Average Balance No No No
Interest Bearing

Two Rates
*Rates Subject to Meeting Requirements, Rates Subject to Change
Additional Information

Tiered Rates
$0-$999.99: No Interest
$25,000 and Above*
Rates Subject to Change
Monthly Service Charge $0 Average Available Balance
Above $500-No Fee
$500-$200: $3 fee
Below $200: $5 fee
Waived Monthly Service Charge No Direct Deposit or $500 Loan Relationship or $5,000 Deposit Relationship Ages 55 and Above
Per Check Charge No $500 and Above - Unlimited
Below $500 - 10 Checks Free
Excessive Checks $.20


Number of Debits Unlimited Unlimited
Electronic Debits
Customer Pays For Checks First Box of Checks Free First Box of Checks Free First Box of Checks Free
Monthly Statements Monthly Online Only Monthly Mail, No Charge Monthly Mail, No Charge
Online Banking & Bill Payment Yes Yes Yes
ATM/Debit Card Yes Yes Yes
Safe Deposit Box Rental Discounted Discounted Discounted
Overdraft Protection Yes Yes Yes

*Contact a customer service representative for more details. Disclosure available upon request.