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Timeline of Important Events in the History of First Bankers Trust Company

Prior to 1946

Great Depression, bank closures, people lost money deposited

Friendly competition between Southside Businessmen’s Association and the Northside Businessmen’s Assocation



A large group of businessmen and farmers met to discuss the need for a bank on the North side of town.  Among them was attorney Delbert Loos who later documented the history of the bank’s beginning into a book “A Bank is Born”


Former Peoples Bank building was purchased for $18,000.  Board was made up of business men, who quickly realized that they needed a strong banker to run the bank.  J. E. Kline was hired from a bank in Liberty and eventually became the first President of Broadway National Bank.


1946 November

Opening day for the new Broadway National Bank at 1201 Broadway in Quincy, Illinois

Six employees

             Cashier  ($4,000 annual salary)

             Assistant Cashier  ($2,700 annual salary)

             3 Tellers   ($1,500 - $1,200 annual salary)

             Janitor  ($15/ week)



Outgrew the small bank building and needed to expand to the vacant lot to the east.

Façade of existing building covered with brick and a more modern style with addition of front and back walls made of framed glass. 

Drive-up window added to the North



Expanded into 1205-1207 Broadway

Addition of a bookkeeping department and a loan department

Computers were used for records but not used by the tellers.  All work was manually handled and receipted then sent to a local data processing center.

Bankers Hours:  The bank lobby closed at 2:30 to allow the tellers to balance and manually file checks.  Reopened on Fridays from 4-6:30.

4 TV Drive-up windows in a building North of the main building



Donald K. Gnuse becomes President, started with the bank in 1956.


1971 – 1972     

Community National Bank opened a temporary bank in a trailer on the east end of Quincy at 34th & Broadway. 

Branch Banking wasn’t legal at this time so Community National Bank was considered an affiliate bank of Broadway National Bank.  Building completed in 1972.



Broadway National Bank name changed to First National Bank

Opened an additional new branch on the south end of Quincy at 24th & State.



First National Bank and Community National Bank merge



Joined an affiliation with First Midwest Banks



Joined an affiliation with First Midwest Banks

First National Bank changed name to First Midwest Bank of Quincy



August 20, 1986   Mendon State Bank in Mendon, Illinois was closed by regulators.   Re-opened the day after it closed as a branch of First Midwest Bank of Quincy.



August 25, 1988   First Bankers Trustshares Inc., the holding company, was formed under the leadership of Donald Gnuse for the purpose of raising money to by First Midwest Bank of Quincy.



June 30, 1989   First Midwest Bank of Quincy bank is sold to First Bankers Trustshares Inc. and renamed First Bankers Trust Company, N. A.



March 7, 1997   Opened a new branch on the north end of Quincy at 24th & Koch’s Lane. 



May 14, 2002 Art Greenbank becomes President  and CEO of First Bankers Trust Company N. A.



July 1, 2004  The Trust department within First Bankers Trust becomes First Bankers Trust Services, an affiliate company within First Bankers Trustshares



September 14, 2004   Acquisition of 5 branches from Union Bank.   First Bankers Trust Company N. A. now has branches in 4 counties in Illinois.

Quincy – Adams County

Paloma – Adams County

Carthage – Hancock County

Macomb – McDonough County

Rushville – Schuyler County



May 9, 2006   Donald Gnuse retires and Art Greenbank is named CEO of First Bankers Trustshares Inc.



First Bankers Trust Company N. A. opened an Operation Center at 24th & Spring in Quincy. 

The center consisted of the following departments:


Information Technology

Deposit Operations

Loan Processing

Human Resources and



The Branch at 25th & Broadway which was acquired in the Union Bank acquisition was closed when the Operation Center opened.



November 23. 2009  Acquisition of a branch in Springfield, Illinois (Sangamon County) from First Banks Inc. of St Louis. 



April 9, 2012   Opened a second branch in Macomb on East Lafayette Street. 



September 29, 2012   Paloma branch closed, due to close proximity to Mendon and Quincy branches.



Art Greenbank retires as President/CEO, but he will remain on the Board of Directors. 

Allen Shafer becomes the fourth President/CEO in the history of First Bankers Trust Company.


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