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Treasury Management Services 

Save Time. Improve Cash Flow. Mitigate Fraud.

Business Digital Banking (BDB)

Business Digital Banking (BDB) provides the ability to create custom ACH and wire templates as well as upload digital banking files. You can establish dual controls for bill payments, payroll, vendor payments, customer collections, and wire transfers.  ACH transactions can be recurring allowing files to be sent automatically. BDB also integrates with Intuit Quickbooks™.

Positive Pay nearly eliminates check and electronic fraud. You enter or upload your issued check or payments file into our BDB system. We report items that do not match your file to your BDB profile and you indicate to pay or return unmatched items.

Remote Deposit Capture eliminates the need to go to the bank to deposit checks. You can deposit checks from our desktop scanner or your smartphone until 4:00 p.m. for same day credit.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

We can maintain your subsidiary “sub” accounts (payroll, health insurance, merchant, accounts payable, e-commerce, etc.) at a zero balance to help with cash flow needs.

If you have multiple accounts used for different purposes and want the balance of your funds in one operational account, we can electronically help you maintain the "sub" accounts at a zero balance. When funds are needed they are transferred from the main cash concentration account and when the sub accounts have a balance, they are moved to the cash concentration account. With this service, no funds sit idle in your accounts in anticipation of checks clearing. Excess funds are available to invest or to cover credit or cash flow needs.

Controlled Disbursement

Controlled disbursement offers your company the ability to receive the total dollar amounts of checks to be presented against your account each day to maximize use of cash by eliminating the speculation of what checks will clear the account on any given day. A pre-notification of transactions will be posted against your account will allow you to maximize use of cash. In addition, with the use of First Bankers Trust's Business Digital Banking you will not only know the total of all checks to be presented against your account that day, but will be able to view a listing of each individual item that will be drawn against or deposited to your account. This includes ACH items that may be deposited or drawn against your account by companies that you do business with.

Cash Concentration

If you have multiple locations you can concentrate funds into one controlled account to make the most of your cash flow.

Cash concentration is a service through which businesses with widespread geographical locations can concentrate funds into one control account. By using First Bankers Trust's Business Digital Banking program, your company can move funds digitally through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system from accounts held at other banks nationwide into your First Bankers Trust account. Benefits of Cash Concentration include:

  • Reduction of excess balances. Funds are transferred to one single account for accurate monitoring and control.
  • Next day funds availability through ACH transactions.
  • Increased control over your banking network.
  • Reduced expenses on funds transfers by using ACH to concentrate your funds.

Merchant Services

In a partnership with Fiserv Merchant Services, First Bankers Trust offers debit and credit card processing and e-commerce services. Our program supports traditional credit card terminals, online shopping cart gateways and virtual terminals. We will competitively price your service based upon the volume and type of transactions and card your business accepts.

Insured Cash SweepSM (ICS) and Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS®)

First Bankers Trust Company is a member of the IntraFi financial network, which offers CDARS® (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service) and Insured Cash SweepSM (ICS)*. These products give you the security to obtain FDIC insurance and earn competitive interest rates in both liquid and term investments. This additional insurance can eliminate collateralization requirements and make accounting and audit procedures more efficient.

When we place your deposit within the network, the deposit is divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000 at other well-capitalized banks. As a result, you can access coverage from many institutions while working directly with just us.  You receive one easy-to-read statement from our bank summarizing all your money market and CD holdings.

Our bank also offers automatic program deposits and withdraws from ICS. You can set sweep thresholds for your account that will automatically generate program deposits and withdrawals.


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