Business Banking

Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation

We provide an electronic file listing all checks presented against the account for the cycle. You can upload it to your in-house reconciliation system.

This automated system can reduce the hours spent manually sorting and tracking checks.

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Zero Balance for Multiple Accounts

We can maintain your "sub" accounts at a zero balance to help with cash flow needs.

If you have multiple accounts used for different purposes and want the balance of your funds in one operational account, we can electronically help you maintain the "sub" accounts at a zero balance. When funds are needed they are "pulled" or moved from the concentration account and when the sub accounts have a balance, they are moved to the concentration account. With this service, no funds sit idle in your account in anticipation of checks clearing. Excess funds are thus available to invest, or to cover credit or cash flow needs. Contact us for further information.


ACH Organization

You can create an original ACH file without special programming.

First Bankers Trust Company's Express Business Banking on-line banking program allows you to create an ACH acceptable file without special programming or having to understand banking terms. Express Business Banking uses a spreadsheet type of format for entering account information. After the file has been completed, Express Business Banking converts the file into an ACH acceptable format. You can even do your EFTPS payments using Express Business Banking.


Payroll Direct Deposit

Deposit your employee's paychecks directly into their account at any financial institution.

Deposit your employee's paychecks directly into the financial institution of their choice. For smaller payrolls, you can use the ACH origination capability of Express Business Banking . Express Business Banking allows you to create an acceptable ACH file using a spreadsheet format. For companies whose payroll program can create an ACH formatted file, Express Business Banking can transmit the file directly to First Bankers Trust for processing.


Merchant Card Services

We can work with you in developing your credit card processing program.

First Bankers Trust can work with you in developing your credit card processing program. Credit card processing provides another form of payment for your customers, accelerates processing and reduces errors.


Wire Services

Initiate over the telephone or by using your Express Business Banking.

In the business world, time means money. Wire transfers can be initiated over the telephone. The business customer receives an identification number to insure the security of the transaction. For those customers using Express Business Banking, wire transfer information can be initiated through the customer's PC and sent to First Bankers Trust for further processing. Another way to save time.


Automated Funds Transfer

Automatically move funds over a set amount to make money available.

We can electronically help you manage funds in your account by moving incremental dollar amounts or all amounts over a set dollar, thus making more money available for investing. Contact us for further information.