Business Banking

Business Financing Overview

Business Financing Overview

Getting financing for your business is important. Finding the right financing can be the difference between a temporary solution and long term success. When choosing a bank to provide financing for your business, answer these questions first:

  • Is the bank locally owned?
  • Is the bank progressive and well established in the community?
  • What type of electronic business services does the bank offer?
  • Does the bank know and understand the marketplace for your type of business?
  • What kind of reputations does the bank have in the community? Are they a community-minded bank?
  • Does the bank employ experienced, knowledgeable staff that understands your business?
  • Does the bank know who you are?

First Bankers Trust Company offers different types of financing such as Term Financing, Line of Credit, Business Credit Cards, or Small Business Lending.  Our financing includes competitive rates and terms, and courteous, professional service.  In addition to checking products, First Bankers Trust Company offers flexible financing options such as Letters of Credit, Real Estate Loans, Equipment Loans, Revolving Lines of Credit, and Government Assisted Loan Programs.

Whether you need to finance a new business, raise capital for an expansion, or manage your cash flow, we invite you to talk with one of our experienced lending officers.  All lending decisions are made locally, by people familiar with you and your business.