The growth of online banking helped our community manage their finances throughout the pandemic and continues to save us time and money even as businesses open back up to the public. While you may not have tried online banking before the COVID pandemic, you probably started checking your account balances or making mobile deposits once many banks suspended in-person service. Due to its convenience and ease of use, most people who try online banking once will continue to use mobile features for many of their banking tasks in the future. According to the American Bankers Association, 71 percent of Americans utilize online and mobile channels for their primary banking needs.

If you haven’t fully adopted mobile banking yet, you may be surprised to learn of all the features that are available to you online. As a First Bankers Trust member, you receive access to online banking tools that can simplify your financial tasks while saving you time and money. In this article you will find everything you need to know to understand digital banking and start integrating it into your financial routine. Not only is online banking a secure, convenient method of handling your financial tasks, it serves an important role in keeping our banking system running smoothly should you need to stay home for any reason.

Mobile Banking allows you to manage your accounts on the go from any device with internet access or cellular data.

What is online banking and mobile banking?

When you access your account balances on your computer instead of at an ATM or through a bank teller, you are banking online. Online banking is using the internet to access financial information and services. Free to use and easy to learn, First Bankers Trust offers digital banking services for both individuals and businesses. If you are unfamiliar with eBanking or how to deposit a check online, our video tutorials can help you learn to access and navigate these services.

Mobile banking is online banking with additional banking tools added to your smartphone or tablet. To use mobile banking services, simply download the free FBTC mobile app to your Android or Apple device. You can view your account balances, deposit checks, and even transfer funds while on the go.

Why should I use mobile banking?

Sitting in traffic and standing in line is no longer required to safely manage your bank accounts. Banking no longer has to include a drive to your local branch every time you need to deposit a check or transfer funds to another account. With mobile banking and eBanking, you can perform account activities from anywhere that you have internet access or cellular data service.

Not only is eBanking convenient, but advanced security features mean that FBTC is helping protect your identity and finances from theft, even on your phone. With mobile banking, you can access real-time account balances and your transaction history. If fraud does occur, you’ll catch it much sooner online than you would waiting for your monthly bank statement to come in the mail.

Use Online Banking to check account balances, transfer funds between accounts, schedule payments, deposit checks, and more.

What can I do with online banking?

Online banking brings your local branch services into the comfort of your own home. Between banking online and utilizing the FBTC Mobile App, you can accomplish various banking tasks such as:

  • Check account balances and history
  • Receive customized account alerts
  • Complete loan applications
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Find nearby ATMs
  • Schedule bill payments
  • Deposit and reorder checks
  • Initiate person-to-person payments

What is a mobile wallet?

While mobile banking allows you to conveniently manage accounts on your phone, a mobile wallet allows you to pay for purchases using just a tap of your phone. Depending on your smartphone, you can choose from Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay to manage your e-wallet.

If you are wondering how to use a mobile wallet, simply input the account details of your First Bankers Trust Debit Mastercard into your mobile wallet app. Once that information is encrypted and stored, you can make purchases using the mobile version of your Mastercard anywhere that mobile payments are accepted. You get all of the same benefits your card offers, including the added protection of Mastercard Zero Liability. 

"21.5% of all transactions in 2020 were made using a mobile wallet payment method." Source:

Is mobile banking safe?

Online banking has been around long enough to establish itself as a secure means of doing business. Data encryption, firewalls, anti-virus software, and multifactor authentication are just a few tools that banks have in place to make sure your data and funds stay safe. FBTC takes the financial security of its members very seriously. We continually update the software and security measures in place on our mobile and online banking platforms in order to provide the best protection for our community.

Help support the security measures that FBTC has put in place by using safe internet practices. Anytime you are on the internet, whether banking online or just checking your email, keep these guidelines in mind to help protect your identity and financial accounts.

  • Don’t click links that come via email or text unless you are expecting them. Links can take you to unsecure sites or allow spyware to download onto your device.
  • Stay off public WiFi. Sharing a public network means others can potentially see what you search and the data you enter. It is not safe to login to personal accounts on public WiFi.
  • Check for a padlock in the address bar. A padlock in the locked position means you are accessing a secured site and can safely enter your data if you are on a private WiFi network.

Digital banking is more secure now than ever with the implementation of data encryption, firewalls, and multifactor authentification.

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Imagine completing all your banking tasks on your own schedule. With digital and mobile banking, you have access to your account information whenever you need it. From mobile deposit to scheduled bill pay, eBanking with FBTC works to make your life easier. Save money on gas and postage by completing your banking activities online from the comfort of your home in West Central Illinois.

Serving our communities since 1946, First Bankers Trust Company has lived by the motto that customers are always FIRST. We proudly offer comprehensive online banking for the convenience of our community members. If you have any questions about enrolling in or accessing FBTC’s online services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our knowledgeable associates. Once you try digital banking you may decide to visit our offices less often, but we are still here to provide in-person service when you need it. Visit one of our West Central Illinois locations today.