Did you know that effective treasury management can significantly impact a business's financial health? Treasury management services are essential for businesses of all sizes, helping them manage cash flow, investments, and financial risks efficiently. In this article, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of what treasury management services are and why they are vital for your business's success. We'll also delve into the key services offered by First Bankers Trust and their benefits.

What is Treasury Management?

Treasury management refers to the process of managing a company's financial resources to optimize liquidity, ensure financial stability, and minimize risk. This involves various activities such as cash flow management, investment strategies, risk management, and financial planning. Effective treasury management ensures that a business has the right amount of cash available at the right time to meet its operational needs and strategic goals.

Benefits of Treasury Management Services

🔄 Cash Flow Optimization Treasury management services help businesses manage and optimize their cash flow, ensuring they have the right amount of cash at the right time.

🔍Risk Management Services like Positive Pay and controlled disbursement mitigate financial risks by providing added security and predictability in transactions.

🚀 Efficiency and Convenience Digital banking and automated services streamline financial operations, increasing efficiency and convenience for businesses.

⚖️Financial Control Treasury management services provide greater control over financial transactions and decision-making processes, enhancing overall financial stability.

Key Treasury Management Services

Here is a quick overview of some of the types of Treasury management services we offer and how they could help your business:

Business Digital Banking Business digital banking provides a comprehensive platform for managing your business's financial transactions online. Features include custom ACH and wire templates, electronic banking file uploads, dual controls for bill payments, payroll, vendor payments, customer collections, and wire transfers, and integration with Intuit Quickbooks™. This service streamlines business operations, enhances financial control, and improves efficiency and accuracy in financial transactions.

Remote Deposit Capture Remote deposit capture allows you to deposit checks from your office using a desktop scanner or smartphone. Deposit checks until 4:00 p.m. for same-day credit without needing to visit the bank. This service saves time, increases convenience, and provides same-day credit for deposits.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) Zero Balance Accounts help manage multiple accounts by maintaining them at a zero balance and transferring funds as needed. Funds are transferred from the main cash concentration account to sub-accounts (payroll, health insurance, accounts payable, etc.) as needed, and excess funds are transferred back to the main account. This optimizes cash flow, ensures efficient use of funds, and reduces idle balances.

Controlled Disbursement Controlled disbursement provides daily totals of checks to be presented against your account, helping you manage cash more effectively. You receive a pre-notification of transactions to be posted against your account, allowing you to maximize the use of available cash. This enhances cash management and reduces uncertainty in cash flow.

Cash Concentration Cash concentration consolidates funds from multiple locations into one control account for better cash flow management. Using Business Digital Banking, you can move funds electronically through the ACH system from accounts held at other banks nationwide into your First Bankers Trust account. This reduces excess balances, provides next-day funds availability, and increases control over cash flow.

Positive Pay Positive Pay is a fraud prevention service that helps protect your business from check and electronic fraud. You upload your issued check or payments file into the Business Digital Banking system. The system then reports items that do not match your file to your digital banking profile, allowing you to decide whether to pay or return unmatched items. This reduces the risk of fraud and provides an additional layer of security for your financial transactions.

Merchant Services Merchant services, offered in partnership with Fiserv Merchant Services, include debit and credit card processing and e-commerce services. Features support traditional credit card terminals, online shopping cart gateways, and virtual terminals, with competitive pricing based on transaction volume and type. This simplifies payment processing and supports e-commerce growth.

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) and Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS®) ICS and CDARS® provide additional FDIC insurance and competitive interest rates for large deposits. Deposits are divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum at other well-capitalized banks, ensuring full coverage while you work directly with First Bankers Trust. This enhances security, earns competitive interest rates, and simplifies accounting procedures.

Meet Our Treasury Management Expert, Jana Hattey

Jana Hattey brings over 24 years of banking experience to our team, specializing in retail banking, marketing, treasury management, and operations. Jana’s approach to Treasury Management focuses on building strong relationships with clients and providing personalized solutions that address their unique needs.


At First Bankers Trust, we are committed to providing comprehensive Treasury Management services that enhance your business's financial efficiency and security. Whether you're looking to streamline your cash flow, protect against fraud, or optimize your financial operations, our team is here to help.

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