Alex Brown, Quincy

When I was wrapping up college in Macomb, I was a teller at Macomb East. The last few weeks there, I met the most amazing coworker by the name of Erin Miller. We got along well and had a great connection….in the year 2022 I will have the joy of making her my wife! I met my future spouse through this company. In a sense, First Bankers Trust help set us up. I would say that is probably the greatest impact FBTC has had on my life.

Pat Hull, Quincy

Oh my!  I have so many memories of working at FBTC considering I have been here for 20 + years!  I started in IT as the overnight processor working from 9pm until 5am.  It was quite an adjustment to working overnights at first.  I grew to love the hours and being all alone to do my job!  When we moved to the Operations Center where it is now of course there are rumors about it being haunted because it once was a funeral home!  So I’m sure my imagination got in the way a few times.  I thought I would hear doors closing, things falling on the floor, just weird stuff.  I was locked in the computer room so of course no one could get in BUT if it was a ghost?????  I would walk around to see if there was anyone there and of course there never was! 

Lisa Hoffman, Quincy

My favorite memory is how when my branch was hit by lighting (on my birthday) and the ceiling came down how my team pulled together. It was amazing to see how the entire company came together to help the Koch’s Lane branch. We have wonderful people working at FBTC .This made a huge impact on my staff and myself.

Breeanna Lee, Quincy

I’m new to FBT, yet I’ve still experienced great impact in my life. FBT is the first company I’ve felt truly heard and cared for! From the family friendly atmosphere to the immense concern for employee and customer health & well-being, it’s obvious every day that this company cares. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to join a company that is as equally concerned with community as they are with business growth. Thank you!

Gwendolyn Tournear, Quincy

Honestly, FBTC has made a huge impact on my life. I spent 7 years working for a company, prior to taking the position at FBTC, and never felt apart of anything bigger than the normal 8-5 life. When I joined the FBTC team in December of last year, I didn’t realize how much my life would change. I now feel part of something so much bigger and I can see the opportunities are endless. I have had the privilege of being able to work on projects that I have absolutely loved being a part of. I continue to say, this is not my job – it is my career and I truly do feel that way. I LOVE what I do, the people I work with and the company I work for. I am forever grateful to be part of such an incredible company!

Catherine Maxwell, Rushville

I came to work for FBTC without any banking experience. I have been here three years, and there has never been a day where I did not feel like a welcome addition to the team. The ladies that I work with daily here in Rushville have helped me to learn so much, and grow so much in such a short time. I look forward to my future here, and that is something hard to find these days.

Dave Rakers, Quincy

One of my fondest memories at FBT was the purchase of UnionBank West on Sept. 11, 2004.  While Sept. 11th is an ominous date in our nation’s history, Sept. 11th, 2004 was pretty exciting for FBTC!  With this acquisition, FBTC bought UB West branches in Carthage, Rushville, Macomb, Paloma and 25th & Broadway in Quincy.  We doubled in size over night!  The exciting thing about this acquisition was the teamwork involved “pre” and “post” purchase.  While it was very challenging, and sometimes stressful, it was an awesome experience!

Renee Benedetto, Quincy

My favorite memory at FBTC is being hired just before the Pandemic started.  I’m so thankful that I had a job during the whole time and appreciate all of the support from all of my co-workers.

Joe Davis, Quincy

When the Ops team dressed up for Halloween.  (No one told me the theme!).  We had a really fun day. 

Michelle Pirotte, Quincy

My Favorite Memory at First Bankers is every year with our Annual Christmas Picture! This is my “Work Family”   It has changed over the years but we remain a Great Team!

Marcia Grotte, Quincy

My favorite memory is moving from small town Paloma and coming to the “big” city to work.  I was scared to death but the friendly co-workers made me feel right at home and I have gotten to know so many new customers!  Now it’s not as scary as that first day. 

Craig Shafer, Quincy

I came to First Bankers Trust fresh out of college with no experience in banking and was hired into a department with a vast collection of knowledge as well as years of service, so to say I was intimidated starting out would be an understatement. Thankfully I came into an overwhelmingly welcome environment; especially from my own department; and was able to be exposed to multiple different facets of a company that overall held the same goal of trying to do right by customers. That’s what keeps me coming back every day, and that’s why I’m thankful to be a part of it.

Kirsten Lehenbauer, Quincy

I’ve only started my career with FBTC last October, within this first year I have come to experience an employer that values its employees and rewards or acknowledges the times a job has been well done. I’ve worked at two separate branches 12th & Broadway and 33rd & Broadway and have experienced a cohesive team environment that makes you want to show up to work with your team on a personal and professional level. I am very happy with my job and grateful to be with an employer that gives me the opportunity to grow professionally and appreciates the job skills I lend to the organization, as well as appreciates me as a person. Due to these reasons, completely feel like I could have a career with FBTC & retire 25 years from now, never feeling like I’m just coming in to do a job. It is a great feeling! From previous job history, I know that not all employers are managed as well, so very glad to be with an innovative & progressive employer.

Julie McElhiney, Quincy

The bank has made an impact on my life in so many ways, from the friendships built to professional growth and development. I feel blessed to work for such an amazing company, and cherish the opportunities made possible from this great group of people.

Ryne Lubben, Quincy

That Christmas Party that Gretchen McGee called me out in front of countless others to do my impression of Art Greenbank with his pants pulled up super high!

Devin Weber, Carthage

Perhaps my memory doesn’t go very far back these days, but my favorite memory is the awesome company picnic this summer put together by our Marketing Director!  I’m glad we were able to put together such a cool family friendly event!!

Lisa Palmer, Quincy

FBTC has made an impact on my life by allowing a good work/ home balance. They have always allowed me to take time off to attend my children’s school activities.

Kim Vogel, Quincy

I joined the bank right out of college; my first “big kid” job; and 12 ½ years later Im still here. FBTC has always been very family oriented and welcoming. Not only are we co-workers but we are like a second family to each other.  Karen Koehn is like my second mom and has even had to take me to the walk-in clinic when I had an accident with the fireking smashing my thumb……..twice.

David McGough, Quincy

First, I’ve had a lot of great memories during my year here at FBTC, but the best one is easily our recent “Wear Pink/Green Day”. I lost my dad to liver cancer (it’ll be 9 years on Nov. 20th), and it was amazing to be able to honor his memory on that day.

The bank has also created an avenue for me that did not exist in any of my previous employers. I may have mentioned in an earlier conversation, I went back to school at age 28, and I graduated at age 32. FBTC is the first employer I’ve had since earning my degree, and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt like the possibilities are endless. It’s also the first time I’ve truly felt heard by an employer.

I’ve only been here a year, but I am already building relationships with people who have been doing this for decades. I have an opportunity to learn directly from these people, and, so far, everyone has been so willing to share what they know with me. There are a myriad of opportunities here, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me.