Don Gnuse has been an integral part of First Bankers Trust for over 50 years and were lucky enough to get to talk with him about his time here. Take a look at what our former President and CEO had to say as we continue to celebrate 75 years of business!

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What years did you work at FBTC?  

I spent 50 years with First Bankers Trust: 1956-2006

Briefly describe your work history at FBTC

I started as a teller and then moved on to calling on bank customers.  I also prepared advertisements. I even went on TV for the 10:00 p.m. news to tell the world what a great bank we had.

What was your greatest accomplishment or success in time at FBTC?

My greatest accomplishment was bringing in new customers to the Bank

How have you seen the evolution of FBTC since your early years with the company?

The arrival of computers and ATMs was one of the biggest evolutions that happened since my early years at the bank.

What is one of your fondest memories with the bank?

I’m really fond of the growth of our assets, but even more so in the team spirit we developed over the years.

What do you like to do in your free time?  

I really like to read.  I have read many books during my lifetime including leading Bible groups.  I also really enjoy history books.

What drew you to FBTC?

I grew up in a banking family. My father and mother were working at two banks.  My older brother and I listened almost daily to our parents discussing banking issues when we were home.  They would tell us daily to never to repeat what was said to anyone.  When my brother and I grew up, our father recommended that if we wanted to go into banking, we should seek out a bank to learn the business from another bank president.  Many times we were told that fathers were never the best to teach their sons.  My brother chose a bank in Missouri named Marceline Bank.  Then I chose a new bank in Quincy that had recently opened named Broadway National Bank. The rest was history.   

Do you have any fun stories that you’d share about your time at FBTC?

We had many retired customers and 2 of our employees suggested we should have some kind of program to draw in customers to our bank.  Two of our employees: Janie Fischer and Dianna Orr were chosen to develop what became known as our Seniors First Program offering travel to various activities in the Tri-State area.  Over time, it became a huge success with more bank deposits coming in by new elderly customers who opened bank accounts with our bank.

What is your favorite book?

The Bible

What is your favorite food?

Baby back ribs

What is your favorite song? 

God Bless America


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