As we continue to celebrate 75 years of business, we are excited to sit down with Art Greenbank to reflect on his time with First Bankers Trust. Art currently serves on our Board of Directors and is a former President & CEO of First Bankers Trust. Hear what Art has to say below!

art greenbankBriefly describe your work history at FBTC.

I worked in banking for 40 years. The last 25 years at First Bankers Trust. I started in 1992 as the senior loan officer and then became the COO and finally CEO.

What was your greatest accomplishment or success in your time at FBTC?

When I started, we were a $100 million dollar bank and when I left, we were knocking on the door of $1 billion. We had many good employees to make that happen.

We successfully built an operations building, a new main banking facility, and purchased six branches in two acquisitions.

What drew you to FBTC?

My reason for joining first bankers trust was the opportunity to return to my hometown. I knew this was the only chance to ever make that happen and I’m glad I did.

Do you have any fun stories that you’d share about your time at FBTC?

My one fun story is standing around on New Year’s Eve at midnight in 1999 waiting for all our computers to blow up. Fortunately, they did not – what a joke! Y2K

What is the best career lesson you’ve learned?

My best career lesson is to get to work early and leave late!

What impact has FBTC made on your life?

I genuinely enjoyed my time at First Bankers Trust. It was such a great place to work. I had a great guy to work for in Don Gnuse and have made many lifelong friends.

First Bankers Trust will always have a special place in my heart.

art greenbank and don gnuse art greenbank with vehicle art greenbank in branch


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